Spinwheel Tool

1) Select Form/Popup from the Create New Campaign dropdown menu in the Campaigns tab.


2) Select the Popover form type or select any form type of your choosing and select a template with our newer builder.


3) Select the Spin tool and drag it to the required position on the form.


4) Once the Spinwheel is on your form, click on Configure Options. Through these settings, the Spinwheel tool can be highly customized.

  • Win/Lose: Option dictates the winning options. Spinwheel will never stop on an option that is toggled off.
  • Label: Label is the text that will appear in the respective segment on the wheel.
  • Coupon: Lets you associate a coupon code with any of the winning options. This coupon can be revealed to the subscriber in the Success Message of the form.
  • Win Text: Win text will be displayed in the Success Message for the form for each respective segment. Use this to announce the winnings to the subscriber.
  • Probability: Probability controls which option is more likely to be selected from among the winning segments.
  • Number of Options: Controls the total number segments which will be added to the Spinwheel.
  • Select Color: Color pallet for Spinwheel can be selected from the Select Color option. 



5) On the Success page, add the Merge Tags in the Text block to announce the Winning text and Coupon if applicable. 



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