GDPR: Add Consent Checkbox to Forms

One of the requirements of GDPR is that you should get explicit consent from your subscribers. This feature will let you add a consent checkbox to your MailMunch opt-in forms.

Step 1: Create or Edit your opt-in form. Click on the Fields step.

Step 2: Click on Add New Field and the drop-down menu will display several field options that are available. Select the Subscriber Consent option or add a new field.


Step 3: You can change the legal text for the consent field. Make sure to link to your own privacy policy and terms & conditions. Also, make sure that this field is REQUIRED.


Step 4: The consent field will be added to your form!


Step 5: Once the subscribers have given explicit consent, you can see the proof of consent on their subscribers page.


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  • Is there a way to delete and/or edit 'template' consent fields?

    When I click the "add a new field" button I noticed the consent field I created was listed under a "consent field" subheader named whatever I had put as the label. This is a super helpful feature but there seems to be no way to edit or delete one of these 'templates'. I wanted to update the text so I had to create a new consent field with a different label name and update all the forms again. I also can't get rid of the original consent field I created in the 'add a new field' drop down even though it isn't used on any field.

    It'd be nice to have those feature to both clear the clutter of the field drop down and to update all the forms at once!
    Thank you!

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