How to Enable MailChimp's Welcome Email?

MailChimp has two different settings for sending welcome emails to your users depending on whether you've enabled or disabled double optin.

When Double Optin is Enabled

If you've turned on Double Optin, MailChimp allows you to set a "Final Welcome Email". As soon as somebody subscribes to your optin form, MailChimp will first send them a confirmation email asking them to verify their email address. Once they've verified their email address, MailChimp can send a "Final Welcome Email" if you've enabled it. To do that, please visit:

When Double Optin is Disabled

If you've disabled Double Optin, MailChimp does not send the "Final Welcome Email" even if its enabled. In this case, you'll have to create an "Automation Workflow" to send Welcome Email to your subscribers. Following is a step-by-step guide to accomplish this:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the "Automation" Tab on the top. You should see the following screen. Click on the "Create Automation Workflow"
  3. Choose the list form the dropdown within which the subscribers would be receiving the welcome email. We chose "Personal Users"
  4. On the right side, you'll see a list of workflows. Choose "Welcome Message"

  5. Fill in the details about your workflow in the next step and hit "Next" at the bottom right.

  6. On the next step, make sure to check "Trigger workflow when subscribers are imported". Click "Next" at the bottom right.

  7. Now, you need to add emails to your workflow. Click on "Add Email".

  8. As soon as your first Automation Email is added, you'll see an option to adjust when to trigger the email. 

    Change the wait time to "immediately" so that welcome emails are sent as soon as somebody subscribes. Check "Apply to all" and then hit "Save".

  9. Now click on the "Design Email" button next to the Automation Email. This'll temporarily take you to the Email Template and Design flow. Enter details and click "Next" on the bottom right.

  10. Choose a template

  11. Edit default placeholder text

  12. Make sure you choose "As soon as possible" under "What time should emails be sent?" 

  13. Click on "Save and Continue" at the bottom right to return to the automation workflow.
  14. You'll see a final checklist of all the items. Everything needs to be marked in green for you to start the workflow.

  15. Click on "Start Workflow". Select "Start Workflow" again in the confirmation modal.

  16. Congratulations, you have now setup an automation workflow that will send Welcome Emails to your subscribers as soon as they subscribe from MailMunch optin forms.
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  • Just to be clear, in order to use this automation function, you cannot be using the free version of mailchimp.

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  • I have a free account, use this automation function?

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