Can I disable a form for mobile users?

Yes, you can choose which devices to show your optin forms on (Desktop, Tablets or Mobile). You can modify this setting any time.

  • Edit your optin form
  • Go to the "Behavior" step
  • Choose which devices to show the form on under "Display Rules"
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  • Hello
    The landing pages that I created all are not displayed at mobile devices
    Even I tested by goggle at
    also not working,
    To follow your steps mentioned in above, where is "Behavior" step??
    I tried several times to check Edit tab, then look at each tab, never seen this "behavior" or Display Rules
    or how to convert the landing page to be readable on mobile devices?
    I sent a list with my landing pages to your support team since yesterday, but no any reply till now, Please explain as soon as possible where to find Behavior and Display Rules, I am waiting to fix this issue then start traffic campaigns,as will ready to upgrade and be as paid member,

    Your quick response will be highly appreciated, thanks

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