Enable Spam Protection / Captcha on Forms

All MailMunch forms come with 2 layers of protection to prevent abuse and spam. You can enable or disable it by following these steps:

  1. Go to edit your form
  2. Open the "Behavior" step
  3. Expand the "Spam Protection" panel
  4. Enable or disable the reCAPTCHA protection


1. Built-In Protection

All forms come with built-in protection which cannot be turned off. This is to prevent someone from abusing your form and spamming your email list.

2. Google's reCAPTCHA Protection

As a second layer of protection, you can enable Google's powerful invisible captcha by reCAPTCHA. It automagically detects if the subscriber is a human or a bot.

If everything looks good, your subscriber will not even notice anything. But if Google thinks that it looks like spam for any reason, it will simply show them the following screen and confirm.



So simple, right? :)


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